Ted Davis (2015)


This work revolves around interactively positioned nodes, forming the 2D basis for 3D explorations. Through rotation and transposition, each structure becomes a 3D extrusion of itself, immersing the visitors as it orbits at oscillating speeds around them. This creates a feedback loop for the visitors as they design within the Immersive Lab’s multi-touch surrounding and react upon the generative output. With each new structure replacing the older of two FORMBITs at any given time, an array of Moiré effects can be experienced through the lines’ subtle offsets and overlaps. Rather than reacting to audio, this work investigates generating audio from the visuals. This is accomplished by measuring the luminosity of light passing each of the 16 audio channels’ physical zones, which are mapped across a virtual synthesizer’s frequency and amplitude. Additionally, the speed of rotation and distance of orbiting forms are passed to the synth, modulating and phasing these frequencies in an intensity that reenforces the visuals being projected. Ideally the minimal aesthetics and interaction of this work provides the visitor with a clear understanding of their own interactions within the Immersive Lab and an engulfing cinematic experience when standing back to enjoy how their FORMBITs evolve over time.

A special thanks to Bojan Milosevic for his collaboration and assistance in helping realize the audio aspects of this work. Additional thanks to Jan Schacher and the ICST for the opportunity to realize this work far beyond the realm of a laptop. (TD July 2015)

A video of the FORMBIT shot at ICST with the artist interacting. HD Video best watched in fullscreen.

Artist Interview with Ted Davis, talking about the making of his piece, concepts and methods, and the challenges and his experiences of working in the immersive lab (in English).



FORMBIT puts simple polygon forms into slowly oscillating orbits in tight sync with a phasing, pulsating sound world.

The piece was realised with the assistance of Bojan Milosevic for the development of the sound-parts. Below are impressions of the piece’s development during Ted’s short visit at the beginning of July 2015.