Artist Documentation

This page collects the technical documentation for artists that are creating work for the Immersive Lab.

Specification Document

Download the technical specification sheet for artists as PDF

Here is the same document as single pages for screen viewing:

IL tech screens and imageIL tech touch interaction 1 IL tech touch interaction 2IL tech audio  IL tech software flowchart  IL tech floorplan


Download the immersiveLab software simulator  here

Example Code

A collection of code examples for various environments: MaxMSP, Processing, Supercollider, OpenFrameworks, Pure Data (audio only)
Contains examples of setting up the audio, sharing the image (texture) and handling the touch data, plus a collection of recorded multi-touch interactions necessary for testing.
Download the example code package here

Video Tutorials

This is a quickstart video showing how to setup and work with the simulator using ‘Clocks and Clouds‘ as example (be sure to watch in Fullscreen & HD)

Here is a video showing how to set up a project for the immersiveLab, specifically setting up the audio, image and touch connections (demo with MaxMSP and Processing, using the simulator).