San Diego Project Class

Cross-Faculty class at University of California San Diego in October 2015.

ICST was invited to hold a one term class with the Immersive Lab for graduate students at the University of California in San Diego. Held by Prof. Katharina Rosenberger with the assistance of Prof Miller Puckette, David Kirsh and Sharok Yadegari, students from the music, fine arts and theatre departments attended the class during the Fall term of 2015. The Immersive Lab was shipped to California over the Summer of 2015, arrived and was set up by ICST personnel in late September 2015. The class time with detailed instructions covered two afternoons held by Daniel Bisig and Jan Schacher on 7. and 14. October, and daily individual tutoring sessions in between. The students formed groups of up to three people, pooling their knowledge from the respective disciplines and abilities to code in the different creative softwares (Pure Data, Max, Processing, OpenFrameworks, C++). The resulting pieces, all exhibited original approaches and ideas of working in the multimodal setting of the Immersive Lab. After the departure of the ICST tutors the students continued working on their pieces until the beginning of November, when the class was concluded with a final showing. The the lab was then taken apart and shipped to an Francisco for the next leg of the trip.


This activity was made possible in part by support from the Dean’s Office of the Music Department of UCSD. The main support came from swissnex San Francisco, the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco and the Zurich University of the Arts with the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology.

Faculty: Prof. Katharina Rosenberger, Prof. Miller Puckette, Prof. David Kirsh, Prof. Sharok Yadegari

ZHdK: Daniel Bisig, Jan Schacher, Bojan Milosevic (Ass.)

Particpants: September/October 2015:

Elisabet Curbelo – Mushroom Holzburger Paradise – UCSD PhD student artist
Felipe Rossi – Mushroom Holzburger Paradise – UCSD graduate student
Elliot Patros – Mushroom Holzburger Paradise – UCSD graduate student
Grady Kestler – Destroy your own Mozart – UCSD graduate student
Ryan Welsh – Destroy your own Mozart – UCSD graduate student
Stefani M. Byrd – The Unattainable/The Intimate – UCSD graduate student
Fernanda Navarro – The Unattainable/The Intimate – UCSD graduate student
Juan D. Rubio R. – The Unattainable/The Intimate – UCSD graduate student
Sarah Westwood – Collideicom – Goldsmith College, London, exchange student artist
Celeste Oram – Collideicom – UCSD graduate student
Steven Leffue – Collideicom – UCSD graduate student
Jennifer Hsu – sequencer – UCSD graduate student

watch full resolution video here

Documented works of the project class at UC San Diego (recorded in Nov 2015):

  • Mushroom Holzburger Paradise:
    Elisabet Curbelo, Felipe Rossii, Elliot Patros (this group also had a student residency at ICST in July 2016)
  • Sequencer:
    Jennifer Hsu
  • The Unattainable/The Intimate:
    Fernanda Navarro, Juan D. Rubio R., Stefani M. Byrd

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