Gray Area

Showing of the works created during the Workshop at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco, November 2015.

The ten workshop artists are introduced and give quick project presentations
during the XXI Creative Code Meet-Up on 19. November 2015.

  • Sasha Aickin – Nothing to Hide
  • Alexander Pospischil – Ocean Memories
  • Bill Baird – Pray for Rain
  • Sarah Brady – Saturnalia
  • Douglas Mason – Seeing Stones
  • Christoph Hohnerlein – SHFT
  • Taurin Barrera – Supercollider
  • Rodrigo Diaz – Tinkerbell on Mars
  • Mark Hellar – Monument for San Francisco
  • Marianne Abreu – untilted (no presentation)

The ten new pieces created during the workshop are shown during the meetup, with 10 persons entering the Immersive Lab at a time. This makes for a full evening of talks, encounters and experiences, with a total audience of approx. 200 people.

See also the workshop and exhibition pages.


The workshop at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco and the Immersive Lab Project Class at UC San Diego were made possible with support by swissnex San Francisco, the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco, and the Zurich University of the Arts.