The Chemical Basis Of

Nenad Popov (2017)

»The Chemical Basis Of« is a generative audio-visual composition that possesses a strong interactive component. It is inspired by the late work by Alan Turing in which he elaborates on a simple formula that can give rise to most of the patterns that are observed in nature, ranging from zebra’s stripes to neutron diffusion.
For the piece, this formula is tweaked, hacked and tamed to form several distinct sections each telling its own story.

The audience can experience the piece and also interact with it by touching the installation surface. Depending on the current section of the composition, the audience can encourage the simulation to exhibit growth, make it shrink, or entirely lose any control over its behavior. The simulation is also driving a multichannel sound synthesis that spreads throughout the 16 speakers of the installation.

Artist Interview with Nenad Popov, in which he talks about the piece’s ideas, concepts and makings.

Artist website:

Photos © 2017 Jan Schacher / ICST